I'm a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging creating statistical tools for more rigorous and reproducible human neuroscience research, mentored by Dustin Scheinost.

Much of my work aims to characterize reliability and validity of network and activation mapping in fMRI. Building upon our emerging understanding of these topics, ongoing work aims to create tools for more accurate inference and benchmarking (NIMH K00MH122372). The overarching motivation for these goals is one that the field is growing to embrace: more accurate research methods lead us closer to discovery in health and disease.

The foundation for that work began during my PhD in the Yale Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program with Todd Constable. I also dabbled in entrepreneurship before the PhD: I was co-founding Chief Scientific Officer of goBlue Labs (selected media and Craving to Quit product; now Mindsciences), and a consultant for Source Signal Imaging (now part of Cortech Solutions).

Want to get in touch? I'm always open to new opportunities and collaborations—don't hesitate to contact me through any of the links below.